What was the most useful service Dan Fouts, your Windermere Realtor provided to you?
  • Area Knowledge ~ Bert & Beth
  • His dedication to getting the job done ~ Ed & Lawana
  • Beyond knowledge and skill, a willingness to work with us marketing a difficult property ~ Cheryl
  • Kept us informed along the way through emails and phone calls ~ Pat & Kay
  • Unbelievable communication & follow through! ~ Christine
  • His proactive, prompt response and patience to my numerous questions. ~ Michael
  • Steady, helpful non-pushy information over a long period while we searched and sorted out our preferences and budget.  Then quick info when we had questions. ~ Terry & Tina

  • Dan was ready to solve problems that arose in a timely manner. ~ Bates 

Did Dan Fouts, your Windermere Realtor do anything to exceed your expectations?

  • He stayed on top of things so I didn't have to worry about any of it. ~ Ed & Lawana
  • Most realtors viewing the property focused on selling the cabin and its attributes.  Dan looked at the property and focused on the land, the property's best asset.  The flyer for our property was beautiful, a work of art capturing the country flavor of the area.  I feel that Dan's appreciation of the land was a component in the process of selling the property. ~ Cheryl
  • Assisted my husband in checking things out and just being there to offer info.  ~ Pat & Kay
  • My wonderful realtor allowed me to be reunited with my family months earlier.  My home was in Washington State - my family was in Connecticut.  Dan took control of the sale while I was 2,000 miles away enjoying my daughter's graduation from nursing school.  Because of Dan's commitment to my home sale I felt confident in his abilities and I could relax.  Dan pulled everything together and got it done. ~ Christine
  • Most pleasant and professional agent we've ever experienced.  Had a great strategy when we ended up having another offer come in while ours was still on the table.  Made all the difference!
    ~ Terry & Tina
Additional Comments
  • We really appreciated Dan's response to our requests and his emails about our wants.  Even though our purchase was not a large dollar amount he gave us great service and we appreciate that! ~ Pat & Kay

  • I was looking for an ethical realtor.  When I explained the water system situation on our property Dan was the only realtor that I talked with who said we would need to disclose the issue up front.  I strongly feel that Dan was the perfect realtor for selling our property. ~ Cheryl

  • In our recent purchase of a home Dan's availability to us and his commitment to keeping us informed during the process was so valuable to us, especially since we were not "on location." His knowledge and insight kept everything moving forward even though we hit some bumps along the way so we were still able to close on time.  He cares about his clients and works for what is best for them, not just pushing a sale through.  We would definitely recommend Dan to anyone contemplating a home purchase or sale. ~ Dean and Suzie